Top 7 Ways To Make Real Money Moves In 2018

Making moves that will allow you to increase your net worth is not an option but a necessity. This is the year to position yourself to increase your income and become financially independent and not just because it sounds good, but it's what required to live a life of abundance. I want to share with you my 7 Ways to Make Real Money Moves In 2018.

1.     Start where you are. In order to make real money moves in 2018 and beyond you must be aware of your current financial status. Thoroughly review your current financial situation. Write down your monthly income that you have coming in. Add it up and get a grand total.  Next, write down all of your expenses such as household bills, credit cards, and things that you have to pay every month.  Write those down and get a grand total.  Take your monthly income and subtract it from your expenses. Is the total that you get negative or positive? If it is positive then you are off to a good start.  If it is negative, it is time to work on a strategy that will bring it from the negative into the positive.  The idea is that you know where you are. Once you know where you are, you can arrange to get where you need to go in order to build a strong financial house and create financial independence.

Identify where you can regain control and save more. If you discovered you are eating out a little to much, or if you have memberships that you are barely using, discontinue those programs so that you can have more income coming in then expenses going out.  Adjusting your priorities so that you can adjust your lifestyle is a major part of building a strong financial house. If reviewing your finances is overwhelming, get someone who specializes in personal finances to go over it with you and help you come up with a plan that will allow you to build a strong financial house. If you are in the New Jersey area and are ready to build and make real money moves in 2018 click here now!

2.     Get out of your feelings. Stop reacting emotionally to matters that involve money. You cannot let your emotions get the best of you. You are in a position to control your emotions and your finances, so do just that! If you are going to get mad, get M.A.D. (Motivated and Determined) and make positive changes. Make educated and informed decisions regarding your money. Do not shop on impulse or make up a reason in your mind that retail therapy is necessary, especially if you are not in a position to do any extra spending. Do not let your feelings control you. Make a decision today to take complete control of your money and get your financial house in order, get out of debt, and achieve the financial independence you desire.

3.     You need a wealthy mindset makeover.  Repeat after me, I Am Worthy Of Wealth! I want you to repeat that statement to yourself aloud a few times until you start to believe it. It is not until you believe that you are worthy of wealth that you will start to receive. Once you believe that you are worthy of wealth you should want to know more about it. Educate yourself about all the aspects of money that affect your everyday life. Read books, take classes, and replace bad habits with new positive practices. It’s bad enough that our school system does not teach us the fundamentals of money and how important it is so we have to do it ourselves. Change your mind in a positive way about your finances so that you can make better decisions in 2018.

4.     Stop passing up opportunities. I hear so many people say they get annoyed when someone approaches them with an opportunity to make additional income. Why is that?  If anything, they should be upset when they are not offered the opportunity to make some additional money.  Don’t misunderstand what I am saying.  Have standards; don’t just do anything for the money.  However, there are legal, legit opportunities that will allow you to pay off debt, stack your money, and live a financially free lifestyle. Therefore, I want you to get excited about the good opportunities presented to you regarding ways you can make additional money.  I know you may be saying if the opportunity is for me it will come back around and that may be true. However, timing and preparation are everything.  Don’t let another great opportunity pass you by. My saying is if it's meant to be it's up to me! 

5.     Put you first! This could be easy for some people and for others it can be difficult. If I saw there was a need or that someone needed help with something, it’s just in me to ask if they need help or to just jump right in and help them.  But what I realized personally for me is that if I am always extending a helping hand to people in need, I need to make sure that things are under control with me and my personal life first.  I don’t know if you can relate but for me I sometimes I neglect what it is I must do for my sanity or for the betterment of my future because I’m to busy helping someone else that is in need.  For 2018 I had to make the tough decision to be selfish and put me and my family first.  I know you may be reading this like girl…that’s what you are supposed to do.  But to be honest I got so caught up that I lost sight of my schedule and the things I needed to do. After I had done everything for everybody and called myself coming home to work on my own projects I would fall asleep at my computer from being so tired.  I share this with you not to discourage you from helping others, but to encourage you to go ahead and help as long as you have done everything needed for you to thrive and not just survive. 

6.     Don’t quit your day job. If you are an aspiring entrepreneur but you work a 9-5, don’t just jump out of the window and quit your job.  I see on social media all the time where people say you have to step out on faith and follow your dreams. While that may have been what God told them to do, it may not be the same for you.  Wait until He tells you to transition from employee to entrepreneur before you take that leap. Pray, use wisdom, and count up the cost of entrepreneurship before you leave that job that is paying your bills, making sure your children have health insurance, and allowing you to fund your dream of entrepreneurship. Be smart, wise, and use your discernment to determine the right moves to make regarding your 9-5.  The goal is to make money moves that will bring wealth and abundance, not heartache due to debt and the financial stress that come on you from not making the right decisions.    

7.     Pray, Plan, Pursue.  Making real money moves requires a plan of action. Without a plan of action there is no way to take action.  You can’t wing it when it comes to earning money and creating financial independence.  You have to truly pray about it. I am a witness that pray works!  I got tired of being in a financial rat race and prayed for a way out.  When I prayed I received my plan.  Everything that came to mind I wrote down.  Talk about divine direction…that’s what pray will do!  Once I got the plan I actively pursued what God gave me to get out of this rat race.  I’m still actively pursuing them even to this present day.  I use my Pray Plan Pursue Planner and Journal to keep track of what I’ve done and what I still need to do.  This planner also holds me accountable for my actions or the lack thereof.  The point is you can’t just do one without the other.  You have to pray, plan, and pursue…in that order!  

Now that you know my top 7 ways to making real money moves in 2018 I want you to use them to your advantage.  Don't just read this and keep it moving, read this and act on what you have been told to set yourself up for financial independence!

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