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Stay Ready Finances and Credit!

A Safe Place To Help You Stay Ready So You Don't Have To Get Ready When It Comes To Your Finances & Credit! 

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Secrets To Excellent Credit Cheat Sheet!

download The free Secrets To Excellent credit cheat sheet: 19 Tips, Tools, and Resources The Credit Bureaus Don’t want you to know!"

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    Power of Credit Web Class, a Proven System To Help Improve Your Credit!

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    • How Your Credit Score Is Determined

    • What Factors Influence Your Credit

    • Create Ways To Improve Your Credit ScorE while making money


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      Shakeema Hughes, is an author, serial entrepreneur, speaker, and finance educator.   Her mission is to educate tens of thousands of people on the powerful and most effective finance and credit strategies known with the Stay Ready Finances and Credit Movement. 

      Shakeema  provides finance and credit training to people who are serious and passionate about improving their credit increasing their wealth, and taking back there purchasing power. 

      Shakeema is the CEO of She Evolve LLC and the creator of the Stay Ready Finance and Credit Movement, which is a platform to educate, train and serve people all across the USA on credit, debt, student loans, and money making strategies.  This movement is made up of some of the most successful leaders in the industry. 

      If you would like to learn how to restore your credit, increase your income, and become financially free, this is exactly what you’ve been looking for!  

      Here's A Few Testimonials

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        Yes, you can find other classes and training in regard to this topic and you will even find do it yourself (DIY) information, but Stay Ready Finances and Credit is unique because it is built and taught by REAL specialist with proven methods that go beyond the basics! 

        Shakeema is passionate, focused, and on a mission to help YOU GET RESULTS with your credit and finances.  

        Our approach, advanced strategies, and techniques that myself and partners will teach will never have you confused or frustrated. You will know exactly what to do to increase your credit score and your finances. If this is what you need, I want to congratulate you and welcome you home in advance! 

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        • Fix your credit, fix your finances, fix your life

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        It's time for you to position yourself and make the shift in your finances, your credit, and your life! 

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