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She Evolve ebook Bundle Special

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Pray Plan Pursue Planner and Journal

Have you started anything you said you would do this year personally, professionally, or financially to get you to the next level in your life and still feel incomplete?

Are you tired of neglecting yourself by not putting you first?

Do you feel stuck because you haven’t made any progress at all?

If you answered no to these questions then, it is time to make an intentional change!

It’s almost impossible to remember everything that must be completed concerning work, education, children, your health and your finances, which is why I created Pray Plan Pursue—The Ultimate Lifestyle Planner and Journal For Intentional Living.   

Pray, Plan, Pursue is a 12 Week all-purpose planner and journal to assist you in managing your time to actively create, pursue and achieve your personal, professional, and financial goals without neglecting yourself. 

Declutter your bag from the assortment of planners to track weight loss, food and meal prep options, track your goals, schedule business appointments, write your prayer request, journal, or track your funds. This 12 Week all-purpose planner will allow you to track it all plus provide you with sufficient space for your affirmations, divine direction, family time, in addition to self-time!

Pray Plan Pursue is designed so that you can write down your 12 Week goals to properly plan for the next 3 months.

Pray Plan Pursue is designed as a preview into each month ahead. It’s a glance into your 12-week goals so that you can change, re-arrange or just take something off your checklist. This allows you to break down your 12 week goal making sure you are intentionally working on and achieving your goals personally and professionally.  

You’ve heard people say ”leaders are readers”. This has proven to be true and I’ve added this to each planner so that you can track the books you are reading, quotes and notes from the books that helped you the most, and how you plan on using this information to evolve in the following months.

Pray Plan Pursue is designed to help you evolve in every area of your life and this includes you. The days will come and go where you pour so much into others and forget that you need a refill. In every planner, you will set aside some time for you. Yes…You! You will track your meal and water intake as well as your exercise regimen. You matter, and keeping track of these things every week will serve as a constant reminder of how important it is to take care of you!

Your time, your freedom, as well as financial freedom is important and will be one of your top goals. In order to achieve this multiple streams of income is a must. This 12 week planner includes different strategies you can use to achieve time freedom and financial freedom, build your empire, and get this money because the money you are in need of does exist!

Pray Plan Pursue is not your ordinary 12 week planner and journal. This is a tool to help you get unstuck, manage your time effectively, be more productive, earn more money, create a healthier lifestyle, and live an overall well balanced life that society has told you is almost impossible to do.  

You can live a balanced life! Allow the Pray Plan Pursue Planner and Journal to be the tool you use to get you there! Get your ultimate lifestyle planner and journal today by clicking the “add to cart button” now.

Securing The Bag!

Do you have more month than money?

Are you living paycheck to paycheck?

Need a vacation but can't afford it?

Are you seeking ways to create additional income for you and your family? 

Are you ready to have the financial freedom you've always desired?

If you answered YES to any of these questions, this guide is for you! 

Securing The Bag! Is A Step By Step Guide To Save & Secure $1000 In 30 Days. In this audio book, I will share with you the tips, tools, and resources to save and secure your money now and going forward. Applying the information taught in this guide will  allow you to :

  • Have more money at the end of the month. 

  • Saving a portion of your paycheck.

  • Taking a vacation at least once a year.

  • Earning additional income by doing what you love.

  • And truly being free from financial bondage. 

This audio book is designed for you to take it day by day one jewel at a time.  The jewels I will supply will cover topics regarding the following:

  • Your mindset about money.

  • Money motivation.

  • No fee accounts that will save you money.

  • Ways to get rid of unnecessary bills.

  • Setting yourself up for an increase.

  • How your money can double. 

  • Multiple streams of income.

  • How to handle credit.

  • Student loans

  • How to be social and secure the bag at the same time

  • And so much more! 

Get your digital download of this life-changing ebook and audio book today!

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