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With She Evolves “The Shift eBundle” you are equipped with a 21-day guide to help you plan the lifestyle you want and the plan to make it all happen in your timing and one video series consisting of 14 videos to make sure you never neglect yourself again, get your spirit right, get your mind right for success, be intentional with your time, and manifest the life you desire!

Everything you need to bounce back, get your mind right, be strategic with your time without neglecting yourself in the process, and manifest the things you want out of life! One Low Price, For A Limited Time only!

It's Time To Make The Shift! Grab this bundle as it has all the tools and resources you need to help you successfully shift into this new season of your life!

Her Over Everything! A 21 Day Blueprint To Having The Desires Of Your Heart Personally, Professionally, and Financially Without Neglecting Your Self In The Process 

In the Her Over Everything 21 Day Blueprint you will learn how to:

  • Identify your needs and wants,
  • Resuscitate your dreams,
  • Put yourself first without feeling guilty,
  • Properly set goals for your life,
  • The importance of multiple streams of income and how to obtain it,
  • How to manage yourself (not time) to be more productive and get the most out of your day,
  • Love the woman you are becoming,
  • Make room for increase and abundance in your life,
  • and Create an action plan for your unique lifestyle to help you accomplish your goals.

You Owe Yourself This Come Up video series is The Push You Need To Help You Balance Self Care, Business, and Finances, Evolve and Become The Woman You Are Called To Be! 

This video series is action packed with thought-provoking, head-turning, transformational information so women can recognize they are built for the life they desire, they are worthy of the life they desire, they have everything they need to become the women they are called to be, and they are unstoppable and can achieve anything they set out to achieve.

After watching You Owe Yourself This Come Up you will be able to:

  • balance self-care, business, and home without overwhelm
  • increase your mental clarity and create the lifestyle that you want with ease and peace of mind
  • use your emotional triggers to your advantage while being persistent in achieving your goals
  • have more confidence in yourself recognizing that you can do anything you set your mind to

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She Evolve 90 Day Planner 

Get Unstuck! Release, Renew, and Refocus To Manifest The Life You Desire will help you to:

This audio includes over 98 minutes of thought-provoking information that will help you truly transform your life. After listening to this audio series you will:

  • release all of the limiting beliefs that have been holding you back from a successful life
  • renew your mind and your belief system to attract true abundance and prosperity
  • discover and focus on the things you want so that you can manifest them in your life 
  • released all negativity and replace it with positive thoughts and gratefulness
  • start doing the things you have always wanted with consistency and true happiness