The Boutique Boss Success Kit

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The Boutique Boss Success Kit

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The Boutique Boss Success Kit for $98 vs $246.  That’s a 60% discount and It includes the following:


The new vendor wholesale and manufacturer list has the following:

-Extensive wholesale vendor list with vendors for clothes, shoes, accessories, health and wellness products, a hair extension vendor, a cosmetic line vendor, and a hair care product line vendo.

-A list of manufacturers

-Names and pictures of the items the wholesale providers offer

-Slides from my exclusive Create, Launch, and Grow a Profitable Online Boutique Master Class including common pitfalls of boutique owners, 7 boutique foundation tips, market research tips, boutique necessities, domain name providers, eCommerce solutions, shipping providers, marketing and branding, and tips for getting more customers to your website using social media.

-And every time this list is updated you get the updated version at no additional cost!

Pages: 102 

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Shopify Savvy Live Master Class! Learn How To Create, Launch, and Monetize Your Shopify Store.  Thursday, May 31st at 8 pm EST. If you can't catch the live class, the replay will be sent out to you! Price will increase May 28th. Register today!

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You will learn the steps to take to open your online boutique business from creating to launching, to growing. You will learn the different forms of boutiques. You will understand the difference between wholesale vendors, manufacturers, and dropshipping. You will learn websites and the different platform available to you. You will learn the different ways to attract customers to your online boutiques business. You will learn different ways to get the money to start your online boutique business along with pricing your products and much more. To break it down a little further, this is what we will go over in the webinar:

·         types of boutique businesses

·         legal formation that's best for your business

·         branding- and not just logos and colors 

·         website platforms so you won't have to pay a web designer

·         the importance of a launch

·         how to attract customers

·         funding for your boutique

·         how to price your products

·         Marketing for your boutique online and offline including social media marketing, email marketing, live streaming, influencer marketing, and offline marketing. 


In Secrets to Online Boutique Success Shakeema will introduce you to the principles you will need to follow your passion of becoming an online boutique owner. With this book, you will discover the secrets to finding the resources you need to get started including marketing strategies, and a system that will truly help you to be a success in your online boutique business.

Open your very own clothing, shoes, jewelry, branding, marketing or health & wellness boutique. Learn the basics of business start-up, as well as resources and insight on wholesale providers, online shopping cart solutions, and attracting customers to your boutique.

In this book, you will also learn:

·         Misconceptions of an online boutique business

·         Mistakes new online boutique owners make that you must avoid

·         How to attract customers to your online boutique

·         eCommerce solutions that work best for online boutique business

·         Funding your online boutique business

·         And so much more! 

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