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My Must read book recommendations

I can honestly say that reading books have changed my life!  My mindset was the first thing to be changed as I started reading more and more every day.  I know you hear people say all the time; you are what you think about or as a man think so is he.  I believe this to be true.  My mindset was one of poverty and me not believing I could get out of bad situations.  As I begin to read my faith, belief, ambition, and will to succeed increased more than ever.  If you are not a reader I want to encourage you to start.  I am going to recommend books that have helped me to take my life and mindset to another level allowing me to increase my self-worth and my net worth. 

To make things easier I have broken my list down into several categories. 


The Compound Effect
By Darren Hardy

Money Talk - Mindset

Think and Grow Rich
By Napoleon Hill, Ben Holden-Crowther


Spiritual Development


Emotional Self Care

Emotional Intelligence 2.0
By Travis Bradberry, Jean Greaves