It's Time You Take Care Of Your Most Valuable Asset...YOU! 

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If you are ready to EVOLVE personally, professionally & financially this intensive is for you!  

This is not your average challenge.  In the next 12 weeks you will create new habits, get rid of old self destructive habits, and truly focus on self care, slaying, stacking, and staying intentional at all times! If you are ready to take things to the next level join the Intensive today!!!  

It's time for you to have the work/life balance society has told you is impossible to have!  Put your name and email address below and join the countless women who have taken their life back and evolved in every area!

Intensive Starts april 1, 2019

What are people saying about the Intensive! 

Thank you for keeping me interested. I have had many challenges in the past but this one is within Gods timing. I love that its inspiring and reminding me of common struggles others experience. I spend much time out of the world loop, so to know Im not insanely off balance helps me to keep up. Mainly, the plans I have hesistantly made in the past are in alignment with your challenge. Today, I can confidently accept the challenge and confirm what I expect from myself is not over bearing, but necessary. Thank you for your annointing...Arica
— A. Bibbs
This was right on time!

Continue to let God use you.
— M. Taylor
I am enjoying this challenge, thanks for creating it.
— A. Tatum category pics (2).png

Ready To Create New Habits, Get Rid of Old Self Destructive Habits, and Truly Focus on Self Care, Slaying, Stacking, and Staying Intentional at All Times? Join The Self Care Is Not Selfish Intensive Today!! category pics (3).png

I want it all!

If you are ready for the Self Care Is Not Selfish Intensive and you want all the tools and resources to help you be successful, grab the deluxe package today!