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I want to take this time to officially welcome you to the Evolving Beautifully Challenge and congratulate you on taking your self-care seriously!  The next 12 week are going be amazing and here’s why it’s going to be amazing,

1.      You have the mindset to make it happen

2.      You are ready to activate your will power to make it happen

3.      You are not doing this alone, we are doing this together

4.      You did what was required to get the necessary tools and resources to make it happen

So throughout the 12 weeks you are going to document your evolving beautifully journey using the Pray Plan Pursue Planner and Journal because it has everything you need from the self-care is not selfish feature, to the evolving beautifully feature, and it also has a place for you to track your weekly income and expenses, and so much more. The Pray Plan Pursue Planner and Journal has everything you need, and it takes the guess work out of what you should be doing day after day, week after week.  I want you to get your hands on this journal so that it can make your next 12 weeks a breeze. 

And because you’re getting it today I’m going to throw in free shipping.  And you know I have to throw in a bonus right!  So because evolving beautifully involves self care, you're going to receive a digital copy of the She Evolve Affirmation, I’m going to provide a meal plan so that you can slay the weight without the headache of figuring out what to eat, and you will be entered for a chance to win a $100 Visa Gift Card to use as your heart desires for getting your planner today!  This is a onetime offer! Use discount code "EBC" at checkout. Click here now to get your hands on the Pray Planner Pursue Planner and Journal today!