Evolving Beautifully Challenge Day 4 

Evolving Beautifully Headers.png

1.     If your financial life were ideal what would it look like?

2.     What discipline did you use to help you achieve this goal?

3.     Do you have more then one stream of income? If not, why?

4.     What plans do you have to generate an additional stream of income?

5.     Do you have a plan to help you get out of debt? Do you have a date when you will achieve your financial independence? If not, set a realistic date when you will achieve this goal. 

6.     Are you paying yourself first? 

7.    Do you have an account with 6 months to a year of income saved for emergency?  

8.     Do you have an account set up for retirement? 

9.     Are you saving 10% of every dollar you earn?  If not, why? 

10.  Were you ever taught that you should do these things?