Evolving Beautifully Challenge Day 30 


Welcome to day 30 of the Evolving Beautifully Challenge.  For the next 4 weeks we will be focusing on finances.  I am a firm believer that money is a tool to get us the things we need and want.  It’s unfortunate what I am about to say but it is true.  Personal finance is not taught.  It’s often learned by a mistake that was already made.  At this day and age we cant afford to keep dropping the ball and making mistakes when it comes to our finances.  That’s why I made it my business to talk about personal finances because people need to be well informed. 

You don’t know what you don’t know right!  So I want you to get to a point where financial education is a priority.  The more you know about your money the more you can earn, grow, and invest it into the things you feel are valuable for yourself, and for your family.  You have prioritized your self-care needs, goals and more, now it’s time for you to prioritize your money. 

Over the next 4 weeks there will be a series of things to do and trust me it wont take you long to do them.  You already have a full-blown calendar with things to do so I am going to keep this as light as possible.  But be clear that this is important.  There is a savings plan attached to this so if you can follow through with it you will actually have some money saved within the next 4 weeks, and I don’t know about you but I’m excited about that!

Whether you are having financial trouble or not, this series will help you make better decisions and implement strategies to increase your income.  By the end of the next four weeks, you will have clarity regarding your finances and you will have saved close to $500 saved.