Evolving Beautifully Challenge Day 18 


Yesterday you set up your MAP. Today you are going to go over it and get more specific.  If your health and wellness goal was to lose weight.  Get as detailed as writing down your meals for the week, when you will go to the grocery store to get the items, and what nights you will meal prep.  Yes, get that detailed.  Your Pray, Plan, Pursue Planner and Journal has the page for you to meal prep on a weekly basis. 

If you are pampering yourself, write down which weeks out of the month you will be taking time to make that happen.  Self-time and self-care is important.  Don’t EVER forget to take time for you.  I have made arrangements in my schedule to take an hour to do yoga and just clear my mind.  If you need that don’t be afraid to add that into your MAP.  This is about you, and no one else.