Evolving Beautifully Challenge Day 17 


On day 9 you managed to organize your goals.  Your have a goals in the areas below.

  • Spiritual
  • Health and wellness
  • Finances
  • Personal development/You Time
  • Professional development

What you are going to do is put in your schedule the times when you will be able to commit to taking action on the goals you desire to accomplish.  Let me give you an example of my goals so that you can get an understanding of how to do this. 

  • Spiritual –Read a chapter in the bible every moving after I get dress (Set alarm to remind me)
  • Health and wellness—Lose 40 pounds by exercising 7 days a week and focus on eating fruits and vegetables for 12 weeks by implementing a meal plan.
  • Finances—generate 5 figures in income from my business ventures in the next 12 weeks by following my social media marketing plan
  • Personal development/You Time—pamper myself more by keeping my hair done and makeup on point daily
  • Professional development—take an hour each day to listen and do something that will help me become my best in business and personal finances